A Dark Truth

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As Jack drives to his home in the remote Canadian forest, Morgan (Deborah Kara Unger) sits shivering in her tub. Later, she goes to a hospital ribbon cutting ceremony where Renaldo confronts her as she gets into her limo, accusing Clearbec of murder and telling her his message is in the car. He shoots himself. Stunned and traumatized, she listens to a tape he left for her recording the gunshots and screams. He tells her that Francisco stole papers proving that Clearbec was involved in a typhus outbreak. The scene switches to Francisco and his family hiding in the jungle as General Aguilla hunts for them. He and his wife, Mia (Eva Longoria) argue briefly about leaving the dead behind. Francisco kills a soldier who pursues them. Renaldo reports that the soldiers got sick and began to execute everyone. Mia hands Francisco a gun and takes a rifle, using it shortly after to shoot another pursuing soldier. (Cuts away briefly to Jack explaining to a caller that he quit the CIA because he stopped believing the lies).